• Very informative with a lot experience and expertise. Can’t wait to put my new found skills to the test…

    L.S. Santee, CA
  • Shout out to my strength coach coach Jesse Malcomb…through his coaching over the past 2 months I was able to PR on snatch and C&J yesterday, a combined 27# PR…

    I.J.M. Regionals CrossFit Competitor, Santtee, CA
  • I have been involved in Weightlifting for over 19 years as a lifter and coach. I can say without hesitation that you find few people with more passion and experience than Dave. The San Diego CrossFit and Weightlifting communities are fortunate to have him.

    Sean Waxman Owner of Waxman’s Gym, Weightlifting Coach of several Regionals and Games Level CrossFitters
  • Dave is your man if you are serious about lifting and doing it safely.  I have seen many CrossFitters that are trying to do the Olympic lifts with the injuries to show.  Dave may take a little time, but he will get you into it safely – without the blood & tears.  However, you will definitely put out some sweat!

    Mike Walters LMT, PTA, EM
  • “Dave has helped me refine my technique throughout the years. His coaching style is very flexible and relaxed. Since working with Dave, I've put 20kg on my Snatch and 30kg on my Clean & Jerk and added 55kg to my best Back Squat. Not only has Dave made me stronger, he has also made me more efficient in my lifts. By going through his program, he has taught me how to identify and attack my own weaknesses. He's given me the tools to become a better athlete, and an in-depth understanding of what Olympic Weightlifting is and how it works. His knowledge of the sport and caring attitude continues to drive me to become the best I can be. The most important thing that Dave has taught me is knowing how to train and how to be patient with the process.”

    Josh Bringas 69kg National Weightlifter